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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Beachin' with my Babes & Friends

Every year for... a while -- I'm sketchy on details that don't include me -- Brian, Rocky, and friends have had a beach trip. This year, I was lucky enough to be invited along. They have a friend whose grandparents have generously allowed Cory and his friends to use the beach house on Hilton Head Island.

I actually went to Lenoir on Wednesday and was able to spend all day Thursday with Brian and Rachael. Thursday morning, the three of us hung out. We played a little and then we went to the duck park and watched Brian play basketball. Rachael and I cheered for Daddy!! Gooooo Daddy! Actually... it was more like I talked to Betty Jo and Rachael ran around with Kylee and Zachery, but those are minor details. Even when I'm doing other things, I'm always cheering for Brian. I'm his biggest fan!

After Brian played basketball, we went to Taco Bell and took Rachael to the library. She did a summer reading program there and after so many books she completed a block and could pick out a prize. So she completed her final block and we took her to the library to pick a prize -- she picked out the book Fidgety Fish and Friends. It's a cute little book... and of course, it's about fish so Rachael loves it.

We had dinner at Dennis and Mary's house. Dennis made the most delicious steaks ever. They were soooo GOOD. I really like Brian's parents a lot. I like his whole family a lot. Brian and I left to go pack his and Rachael's stuff for the beach and then we picked Rachael up from her mom's house, picked Brian's friend Jared up from his house, and met up with Rocky and Betty Jo. Betty Jo, being the awesome friend that she is, had me a Frappe from McDonald's. Brian, who claims to not like coffee, seemed to like it a lot since he drank at least half of it. I'm beginning to think I should dispute his claims of not liking coffee since he always drinks mine!!!

On the drive down to Hilton Head, we stopped and picked Cory up at the airport and we sang along to one of Rachael's CDs in the car. It was late. Really late. I think it kept Brian awake. I fell asleep in the car.

Brian's friends seem pretty great. Jared used to be Adventist and actually graduated from Southern the same year as my dad, so we talked about Southern a little. Cory is really nice and lives out in Texas, unfortunately. But hey ladies! He's single and great with kids and a nice guy and a lot of fun and has a job... so... maybe someone in the Carolinas could fall in love with him and he with them and then he can move back so Brian and Rocky and the guys can all have their friend close? Yes? Ok great.

Our first day at the beach was Friday. The rest of us were running on very little sleep, but the kids were ready to go! The weather was threatening rain, so we tried to get down to the beach to enjoy it while we could. We were there for a little while and it started to rain. There was a funnel cloud that we could see also. While it rained the guys played frisbee. The rain wasn't really bad enough to go inside and it's good that we stuck around for a while, because when it stopped we got to go out into the water and enjoy it. That evening, we went out to eat and then played putt-putt. We had a lot of fun even though Rocky made fun of me for hitting every rock on the course. Ok, maybe that was fun too. If he didn't pick on me, then I'd think he didn't like me. The kids were really cute trying to get their balls into the holes. They would chase it around the course (much like I did, actually), and then pick it up and put it closer to the hole (like I might have been tempted to do) and FINALLY get it in. Things are so much more entertaining with kids around.

After a quick trip to the grocery store, we went back to the house and hung out. Brian and I talked for a while and then he and took me to my hotel room. It was sad to have to leave them, but that's ok. That's how it is right now and it's what's best for Rachael and it won't be that way forever. :) Saturday morning, Betty Jo came and picked me up since my two lazybone loves were still in bed when she left. When I got there Rachael bounced out of bed and Brian and I played with Rachael and Kylee for a while... Zachery didn't really get in on the action. Probably smart of him since there was a lot of tickling going on.

I prepared a meal for everyone so we could eat when we got back from the beach. Brian helped me in the kitchen. He's seriously actually HELPFUL in the kitchen and doesn't get in the way. I really enjoy that he likes to help. I made baked ziti, green beans, corn, and garlic bread. We all went to the beach and had a great time. We played in the water a lot -- most of the time Kylee was out there with Brian and I and Rachael was playing in the sand. When we got back and all got showers, I put the finishing touches on dinner and we ate.

After supper, a few of us played scrabble and then after sunset, Betty Jo, Kylee, and I went shopping while the guys stayed at the house and played a game. We we got back, I spent some time with Rachael. Brian, Rachael, and I were going to go walk on the beach, but it was raining so we missed out on that. However, Brian and I did have one of the best conversations that we've ever had and then he took me back to the hotel. Rachael was very sad to see me go. The next morning she said to me, "Where was you, Amber? I've been missing you." Cutie pie!

Sunday, we packed up, headed home, and then I had to go back to Tennessee. I cried lots when I had to leave my Love and my Little. One day we'll all be together.

I am already looking forward to next year's beach trip!